International show: Life's a fairytale

Oplev et magisk univers af teater, dans, 3D animationer og musik i storslået show for alle aldre.

In English
Bemærk: Denne forestilling foregår på engelsk. De øvrige forestillinger foregår på dansk.

Hans Christian Andersen’s world-famous fairytales are brought to life in a whole new way as superstars from the world of dance, stand-out international performers, original digital scenography and a solid soundtrack come together in a whirlwind of a performance.
Featuring both classic and street dancers, performers who make the impossible possible and music that captures the vision and drama behind the works of Hans Christian Andersen, ‘H.C. Andersen - Life’s a Fairytale’ has received critical-acclaim. A brand-new version of this spectacular show will open during this year’s H.C. Andersen Festivals in Odense, Denmark.
The show is directed by Steen Koerner, who is known for his innovative interpretations of classic works. With ‘H.C. Andersen - Life’s a Fairytale’, Hans Christian Andersen’s classic stories of ‘The Little Match Girl’, ‘Clumsy Hans’, ‘The Nightingale’, ‘Princess and the Pea’, ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, ‘The Ugly Duckling’, and ‘The Top and the Ball (Sweethearts)’ find new life and bring new magic to the stage.
The performance is presented at ODEON, Odense’s new performing arts centre, and Denmark’s largest concert hall.

Director: Steen Koerner – Steen Koerner Studio
Composer and producer: Jesper Mechlenburg
Scenography and video: Din Mor
Costume design: Astrid Lynge Ottesen
Lighting design: Sune Munk Schou
Virtual narrator: Nikolaj Lie Kaas
Vocalists: Coco, Søren Huss and Daniel Muschinsky
Songwriters: Kristian Leth and Jesper Mechlenburg with Steen Koerner
Script: Jokum Rohde

Adults: Category A+: 650 kr. Category A: 540 kr. Category B: 340 kr. Category C: 215 kr. Category D: 135 kr.
Children 12 years and younger: Category A+: 390 kr. Category A: 325 kr. Category B: 200 kr. Category C: 130 kr. Category D: 80 kr.
Students and persons over 65 years: Category A+: 585 kr. Category A: 485 kr. Category B: 300 kr. Category C: 195 kr. Category D: 120 kr.
Please notice that seats in category C and D are placed in the back of the hall, so view may be limited

Times are guidance only.